Dodging Topics

There’s a horrible backlog of articles building up in my head, and I need to get them going or they’re going to drive me around the bend.

One little problem, though: as I ponder these, and start making notes, it turns out that most of the time I’m not the only one thinking about them. More often than not, a few days after I assemble thoughts about something, someone else will write something either very similar or with observations that overlap mine by, oh, 30% or so. Not that I’m worried I’ll be accused of plagiarism: my thoughts are pretty distinctly my own, even if a lot of people come to similar conclusions when looking out over the same world. It’s just very strange that we should be covering such things pretty much at the same time. Ideas are universal, it seems.

So back to work for Nicholas. I need to get the philosophy out there so I can get more of the practical applications going. No shortage of things to say.

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