The Choice

Today it’s on the minds of a great many people. Maybe it always is, but today it’s conscious and open.

What do you choose? Will you be independent? Will you trust your ability to make choices, exercise power, do what is right?

Will you submit to another, trust that a measure of safety, uncertain as it is, will be given by those who control your actions at will?

Are you an adult? Will you give up that question’s relevance and submit to a life, not of ease, but at least without need for making decisions?

Choose carefully. Right now your chains are your choice. Hand them to someone else and reversing the decision may be very hard, even dangerous.

Everyone serves something or someone, make no mistake. Those who insist they do not – that they serve nothing but themselves – are often the most slavishly devoted to their unacknowledged masters. If you choose wisely, you can effectively live in the service of freedom.

Freedom, all freedom, comes at a price. The very smallest price is ownership of the consequences of one’s own actions. So many are unwilling to shoulder even that burden. They fear freedom for its costs, mouthing demands for it as they give it away. The freedom of the toddler is what they insist on, and receive. They claim to be powerful and strong and the equal of those who would be free, and demonstrate otherwise at every turn.

History is not kind to such foolishness. Reality asserts itself without regard.

You are given the choice between freedom and responsibility, or their opposite.

Choose freedom. Always choose freedom.

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