Well, This Is Fun.

For the past few months, my progress with both fitness and house improvements has been hampered by headaches: If I do any major efforts – and literally, any major lifting – I get a thunderous headache that stays around for a fair while and usually requires Tylenol to return me to usefulness. Not a problem when doing basic carpentry, but shifting large amounts of dirt or gravel will eventually invoke its wrath. It’s pretty reliable as an effect of doing deadlifts, though whether that’s due to the lift itself or its place at the end of the routine, I don’t know.

Headaches have also become part of my general daily life, though usually far lesser and more annoying than hurtful. My main complaint is that they damage my ability to think clearly.

By now you’re probably wondering why I haven’t asked a doctor about this. I wondered the same, and yesterday finally got looked at. The conclusion was inconclusive. I’m to undergo a battery of tests next Tuesday, including an MRI, which is one of my favorite things in the world to not have to do. In the mean time, no heavy lifting for me. This is not going to do my burgeoning gym habits any good. On the up side, it might prevent an aneurysm, so that’s something.

It could be a symptom of something else entirely. Could be a circulatory issue. Could be stress. Could be something I’ve never heard of.

The one thing for certain is that it needs to be taken care of quickly. It’s interfering with my fitness plans. It’s the opposite of being in my health plans. And it seems wisest to fix the thing before I succeed in changing employers. That change itself is being dramatically slowed by the frequent cloudiness of thinking the pain brings.

Taken as a whole, it’s hard not to be depressed about yet another something getting in the way of advancement. It’s definitely stressing me out.

So now my head hurts.

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