Well, This Is Fun.

For the past few months, my progress with both fitness and house improvements has been hampered by headaches: If I do any major efforts – and literally, any major lifting – I get a thunderous headache that stays around for a fair while and usually requires Tylenol to return me to usefulness. Not a problem […]

The Choice

Today it’s on the minds of a great many people. Maybe it always is, but today it’s conscious and open. What do you choose? Will you be independent? Will you trust your ability to make choices, exercise power, do what is right? Will you submit to another, trust that a measure of safety, uncertain as […]

Awakening, pt. 1

Percheron, full of mud and duty, returns to the plow. Bear, with patient eyes, hears them wonder, “How is he restrained by such a thin chain?” Wolf, gone from pack headship, guards hens, soul echoing with moon and forest. Who will caress the power and recognize its beauty? Who will acquiesce, slip harness, acknowledge prerogative? […]

Dodging Topics

There’s a horrible backlog of articles building up in my head, and I need to get them going or they’re going to drive me around the bend. One little problem, though: as I ponder these, and start making notes, it turns out that most of the time I’m not the only one thinking about them. More […]