Villainous Archetypes: Casanova

Most villains draw fire for mainly legal or political reasons. The Casanova gets the loudest condemnation because he defies social convention, and those who understand nothing but social interactions are also those who squawk the loudest when offended. This isn’t a new problem, and has existed before Giacomo Casanova himself lived and gave his name […]

Project Plans and Sketches

I have a proper microphone now, which is lovely. Nice to sound like myself for a change instead of a pitch-boosted, wind-blown, mumbling version of me. Also at last I’ve got various projects demonstrably underway aside from the skillset improvements, character development, and similar items which don’t really have much to show for the show […]

Villainous Archetype: The Adventurer

With the Buckaroo archetype already in mind, let’s look at its cousin, the Adventurer. Both openly flaunt societal standards and present a self-contained, unapologetic face to the world. They share the enormously attractive integrity, that simple assumption that their place is secure and valid, which brings them almost certain notice and implies a mentality of […]